Let people grow in work they do the best: this creates an excellent business

When HR interim

- You urgently need a fulltime HR project manager
- Your change programme could use external support
- The HR Business Partner or HR manager needs temporary replacement
- The HR department needs to be set up
- HR policies need to be developed to fit the organization
- The work processes and workforce have to be more efficient
- Teams could improve internal co-operation

What to expect:

WALK4WORK HR interim offers hands-on support and profound expertise: internal engagement with external knowledge. WALK4WORK HR interim is known for its energy, intellectual support, hard work and positivity. WALK4WORK is up and running in no time and will be innovative with strategic issues.

WALK4WORK meets the legal requirements for interim work and will by no means be employed in your organization.

When applicable:

WALK4WORK HR interim is employable nationwide in the Netherlands for 3 to 5 days per week. Do you need HR advice for less than 3 days: please go to HR Advice.